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Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing DVD - Instructor Offer

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Becky Mason offers Paddle Canada Lake Canoe and Style Canoeing Skills and Instructor courses

-Canoeroots (video Interview)
-Canoeroots Mag (Page 44-45 interview)
- Canoe & Kayak Mag (review)
- Cottage Life Mag (review)
- Mliveoutdoors (review)
- Ottawa Mag. (review)
- Rogers TV (
video interview)
- The Low Down... (
DVD includes the original basic and new advanced movies.
A resource for All levels of paddlers.

2012 Winner of
Best Instructional Film at Waterwater & Reel Film Festivals.

Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing is an invaluable solo paddling resource for Paddle Canada's Canadian Style and Lake Canoe courses. The expert strokes and manoeuvres Becky Mason showcases are fun to watch and learn from because Becky shares her teaching methodology and unique tips as well as stories about the strokes.  Much information can be gleaned by watching the stunning underwater camera angles and Mason's friendly teaching style.

Classic Solo Canoeing is the original introductory solo canoeing movie that will supply you with everything you need to know on the basics of solo paddling. Winner of Best Instructional Movie at the 2001 Waterwalker Film Festival.

Solo Reflections is a musical paddling video to inspire instructors and students to create their own paddling routine as well as emphasize the fluidity and grace of the art of Canadian Style Paddling.


"Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing" DVD plus bonus features 1 hour 56 min (Reg. $31

For a limited time canoe and kayak instructors can
receive a discount. You just need to be a paid-up member of your local or national paddling body.

20% discount Instructor special $24.80 ea.
(plus ship & tax)