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Redcanoes Store FAQ's: Purchasing & Payment & Shipping
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many days to ship?

  2. Is my payment secure?

  3. What's the easiest and quickest way to make a purchase?

  4. What about tax?

  5. Do you accept other currencies?

  6. How do downloads work?

  7. Where is the shipping location?

  8. Will my purchase arrive before Christmas or for other celebrations?

  9. Do we accept returns?

  10. Do the DVDs work in all countries?

  11. Why is the giftstore called redcanoes?

  12. Visit redcanoes store

    1. How many days to ship?
      When we receive payment your item will be shipped by Canada Post airmail and you will receive an email noting the shipping date and if applicable tracking #.

    2. - Canadian address: one week or less.
      - USA address: a week or more.
      - International address: two weeks or more.

    3. Is my payment secure??
      Yes is a secure purchasing products online service because I have the SSL certificate installed at my store.
      Visa MasterCard Discover American Express eCheck

    4. What's the easiest and quickest way to make a purchase?
      In my store add your items to your bag and proceed to check out to pay with either your credit card or Paypal.

    5. What about tax?
      If applicable Canadian taxes are tabulated at check out.

    6. Do you accept other currencies?
      All items are listed in Canadian funds.The currency of your choice will be automatically converted to Canadian funds at time of purchase.

    7. How do downloads work?
      After payment you will receive an email from my Redcanoes Store titled "Files ready for download" giving you the download links telling you they will expire after 5 downloads. I suggest you save the downloads to all your various devices so you can enjoy watching them whenever you wish. Note ipad users it is necessary to download to a PC and then transfer to the iPad using iTunes.

    8. Where is the shipping location?
      P.O. Box 1735, Chelsea, Quebec, J9B 1A1 Canada

    9. Will my purchase arrive before Christmas or for other celebrations?
      To try to ensure on time delivery at busy times allow:
      - Canadian addresses 1 week.
      - USA addresses 3 weeks.
      - International addresses 4 weeks

      Rush Xpresspost email
      canoe@redcanoes.ca for quote.
      - Canadian addresses 2 days
      - USA addresses 6 days.

    10. Do we accept returns?
      If an item is defective we will be happy to replace it. Please email canoe@redcanoes.ca and we will arrange to ship you a replacement.

    11. Do the DVD's work in all countries?
      DVD players sold today in PAL countries play North America dvds. If my dvd does not play you need to unlock your player by inputting a unlock code in your remote control to region "0" (region-free).

      Do a search in your browser - "unlock your DVD player to region free" - when prompted enter your player brand - select your code - punch code in your remote and enjoy watching my movie. If you need more information it's explained at Wikipedia

      History of codes
      When the DVD format was first launched companies wanted to make lots of money. They assigned different regional numbers designed to play on only on specific players. The public was outraged so DVD player companies bowed to the public pressure so the players sold today are multi-region players.

    12. Why is the giftstore called redcanoes?
      The red canoe has become synonymous with the Mason family. It started with Bill Mason, the author, artist, Academy Award nominated film maker and canoeing fanatic. Bill loved his red canoes and was rarely seen in anything else. So when it came time to create a family website it seemed natural to name it redcanoes. Although no longer with us Bill Mason passed along his passion for canoeing to his two children, Paul and Becky. Becky has continued Bill's film making tradition with her own instructional DVDs and also teaches canoeing, writes about paddling and also is a visual artist. Becky's husband Reid McLachlan is also an expert paddler and accredited instructor as well as an accomplished oil painter. Please visit our redcanoes store.

Visit redcanoes store

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