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Paul Mason - Advertising  & Editorial Cartoons

"I like to refer to what I do as illustrative cartoons. I say illustrative because my cartoons often convey a message to the viewer through humour. If you can make someone pause to chuckle at a cartoon you are already well on your way to capturing their attention with your product."

Cartoons catch attention and engage the reader. With my illustrative cartoon style I can also shed additional insight into the topic. My cartoons have been used to provide a welcome relief from the heavy content of a book on project management systems, but also work admirably well as spot gag cartoons in magazines.

I usually like to provide several different rough sketches for a client to chose from. The sketch is then refined as a comprehensive drawing, approved by the client and then inked as final art.

I hope we can work together to create a unique advertising campaign for you soon.


I've always wondered why everyone doesn't use cartoons for every piece of media. I suppose there is no accounting for people's lack of taste.

Seriously though, cartoons do catch a viewer's attention which explains why I've been given the opportunity to create such diverse artwork as this cartoon on the side of a thirty foot trailer (above), to a guy poking his head out of a barrel for this Barrel Works logo: