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Canoe ballet and solo canoeing are one of Becky Mason and Bill Mason 's favourite subjects. Wooden Canoe Heritage Association and the Canoe Museum are one of their favourites . Bill worked for the National Film Board of Canada as a filmmaker and was a canoe author too. Path of the Paddle and Song of the Paddle have had lots of reviews. Art is highlighted on Becky Mason Bill Mason Paul Mason and Reid McLachlan site. Their are many people who write about canoeing Kevin Callan and others. Original images of the four artistic lives and their art works are superb. We show Bill Mason's love of the wooden canoe some fHis canoeing dvd Waterwalker and Song of the Paddle and instructional video are lovely to watch and learn from because it teaches you how to enjoy the Canadian wilderness. One of his most well know canoeing films is Path of the Paddle shot in Quebec and Ontario showing the Canadian canoe in action in whitewater rivers and quiet water lakes which in Canada is called flatwater. Throughout our website we have canoes and facts. Becky specializes in her Classic Solo Canoeing courses it's excellent instruction for paddling the Canadian canoe if you want to take a paddling lesson or you may want to pick up a copy of Becky Mason's instructional canoe video. Look for Bill Mason images and Bill Mason paintings they are in Bill's pages. Wow I'm impressed you are reading all this text. You are probably wondering why all this text is here. The reason I'm writing so much is because I'm told that if you write a lot on your homepage using as many key words as possible you will receive a higher rating in the search engines so I'm giving it a try. The on-line gift store offers canoe videos, documentary films and art prints that are high quality art reproductions. Take the time to view visual artists Becky Mason's and Reid Mclachlan's paintings. Becky paints watercolour paintings, many are watercolour landscapes and semi abstracts all original paintings. Reid paints with oil paints in a contemporary figurative style. He works with large canvas and you can see his original oil painting images through his art gallery. All of our on line contemporary art galleries have art for sale. Have a chuckle at Paul Mason's cartoons because there are lots of original hand drawn cartoon images.

Canadian Artists and Canoeists - Bill Mason - Becky Mason - Paul Mason - Reid McLachlan
Becky Mason
Paddling instructor, dvds and artist
canoeimage canoeimage Paul Mason
Paddling instructor and cartoonist
Reid McLachlan
Reid McLachlan Bill Mason Bill Mason
Canoeist, filmmaker and artist
We offer dvds, original art, fine art prints and one of a kind gifts in our giftstore. The fine art prints are of Bill Mason's paintings, Classic canoeing dvds and original art are profiled on our site. There are four different artists: Bill Mason 's passion for his wooden canoes and where they have taken him , Becky Mason 's Classic Solo Canoeing instructional course and her watercolour paintings, Reid McLachlan 's oil paintings and Paul Mason 's funny cartoons.