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Painting Technique

Bill lined up various colours of oil paint he might want on his glass palette for that day. Taking his small palette knife he mixed about five shades of colours. Then he took each mixed colour and piled them carefully one on top of the other. Lifting the large swatch of layered paint from the glass he then scraped it across the surface of his smooth paper once. For the next palette knife stroke he'd start his mixing process all over again preparing for the next application to the paper.

Becky his daughter remembers being amazed how haphazardly the paint appeared to be applied and yet could still create a detailed painting. Bill felt he had a bit of a dilemma in his painting style. He couldn't seem to paint larger than six inches and maintain the loose, free style he liked.


Bill thought some of his best paintings range in size from one inch square to six inches square.

Bill Mason 1929-1988.


"The forest that God created inspires me to create a painting that I hope reveals how I feel about it. That's what creativity is to me."


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