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Bill Mason (1929 - 1988)


  • The Mason family donated Bill Mason's treasured red Chestnut Prospector with other artifacts in 1999 you can visit Bill's canoe in Peterborough Ontario at the Canadian Canoe Museum read on...

  • Paddle to the Sea, Bill called the carving Paddle has been donated by the Mason family with other Bill Mason artifacts along with his Pal/deer canoe in 2010 which you can visit at the Museum of History read on....

  • Bill's 35mm slides, writings and other research materials have been donated by the Mason family to the Library and Archives Canada.

  • Bill Mason Centre was created by the Carleton Board of Education in 1989. It is an 72 acre outdoor classroom to provide an opportunity for students to explore, experience, appreciate and learn about natural science and outdoor activities.


  • Waterwalker Film Festival is a annual event to raise awareness for our water environments. It was originally founded by the Friends of Bill Mason in 1989 and is now organized by Paddle Canada.

  • The Bill Mason Scholarship Fund is an annual scholarship of $1,000 to assist with the college or university education of tomorrow’s environmental stewards.The fund is managed by the Paddle Canada.


  • Manitoba Pioneer Camp is where Bill went to camp in the summers as a youth. The camp was, and continues to this day to be a canoe tripping camp, situated in the wilderness on an island in Lake of the Woods, Manitoba.


  • Bill Mason Award (National) for lifetime achievement in Canadian River Conservation. The Bill Mason Award is presented every three years. (sponsored by the Canadian Heritage Rivers Board)

  • International Whitewater Hall of Fame recognizes and honors individuals who have made significant contributions to whitewater related activities. Bill Mason was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2009.


  • Throughout Bill's career he was awarded 67 national and international awards for his films. Some of these awards include; two Academy Award nominations, (Paddle to the Sea, 1964 and Blake, 1967) and five Etrogs.


We apologize if we have excluded any past dedications in Bill's memory. Please send us an email to bring it to our attention.



The red canoe has become synonymous with the Mason family. It started with Bill Mason, the author, artist, Academy Award nominated film maker and canoeing fanatic. Bill loved his red canoes and was rarely seen in anything else. His children share this love, so when it came time to create a family website it seemed natural to name it redcanoes. We hope that you enjoy the visual art, videos, canoeing lessons and all the related information here.




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