Becky's Canoeing Lessons:


Learning new skills while you revel in the natural beauty around you.


Classic Solo and Tandem Courses are happening this spring 2020 and it's easy to sign-up for a lesson because I supply the equipment. My classes are small and fun set in the stunning Gatineau Hills on Meech Lake which makes a perfect environment for learning. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an expert everyone learns new skills because of my relaxed teaching style and efficient techniques.  Classic paddling lessons  or email me to book a class.


These videos are unique, informative and enjoyable to watch.

Becky's Classic instructional basic and advanced solo canoeing videos, each at 40 mins are superbly crafted productions that are both informative and beautiful. Becky's extraordinary paddling skills with some spectacular scenery and original sound tracks make these instructional videos enjoyable to watch and learn from either by download or on dvd.

The Mason Family Corner:


Remembering Ken Buck, Bill's granddaughter Willa is a guide, and Paul is teaching whitewater and Reid is building and fixing..


Reid and I have a slideshow presentation on life of Bill's cameraman Ken Buck. We are schedule to present it this coming March 13-15, 2020 at the

Northern Wilderness Paddlers Conferences


In other family news it is great to see my niece Willa Mason (named after her grandfather Bill!) carrying on the family tradition of working as a guide for Blackfeather Wilderness Adventures. Both Paul and I guided for Blackfeather in the summers to work our way through art school.


Becky teaches Classic Solo and Tandem lessons and her brother Paul teaches moving water courses around the Ottawa Valley and further a field too.


Reid is building a new 2 story art studio and canoe workshop before the winter settles in so he can fix our canoes! 

Bill Mason Wilderness Canoeing Sculptures


Bill Mason Sculpture: 

So this is cool! Artist Ronald Bayens approached us with a plan to create Bill Mason Wilderness Canoeing Sculptures that are limited edition, handcrafted bronze sculptures The first one he's made is Dad running Little Thompson Rapid on the Petawawa RiverRonald has involved my Mom, brother, and me throughout the process. A portion of the proceeds of the sales goes to the  Bill Mason Memorial Scholarship fund. 


Tribute to Bill Mason (1929-1988) 


Bill Mason's 90th birthday.

April 21, 2019, would have been my Dad's 90th birthday. I always think of him when we are out paddling or skating on the river and often wonder what he would think of things now-a-days. Thinking of him reminded me of this lovely tribute our friend James Raffan wrote for Paddler magazine a wonderful summation of his life. I enjoyed reading the article with a cup of tea because it brought back the memories of summer campfires.

Why Paddler Bill Mason’s Legacy Will Never Die” by James Raffan.

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Social canoeing & art events


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Bill Mason loved his red canoes and was rarely seen in anything else so it seemed natural to name our site redcanoes. We hope that you enjoy the visual art, videos, canoeing lessons and all the related info here. 

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