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I've got a nifty new way to improve your J and many elegant, efficient and fun solo and tandem techniques too. 

Reid's studio! has lots of painting and we put his open house paintings on line.

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Art Open House

Meet artist Reid in a soon to be announced date to see 40+ years of his paintings on display.

pukasqua river paint_001_2.jpg
Bill Mason Paintings

A collection of oil on paper impressionistic paintings of Bill's memories of canoeing journeys in the wilderness. 

Bill Mason painting studies and paintings themes of landscapes, shorelines and rivers.

Videos on USB

Basic & Advanced Solo canoeing videos are also available on a USB in a bamboo twist card.

My production team did a great job capturing spectacular scenery and my paddling technique.  

Redcanoes Store 

Our products in our giftstore are paddling and art related items.

Original art, downloads, gift certificates and canoe lessons. One stop shopping for gifts. 


Bill Mason inspires others Filmmaker, Matt Steeves takes us on a canoe journey as an ode to Bill Mason and how Mason's works inspired him more...

Bill Mason bonze sculpture by Ron Bayen's was installed in Ely, Minnesota at Whiteside park.

Bill Mason Family Podcast Library and Archives Canada recorded interviews with Becky, Paul and Joyce Mason about Bill's life and legacy. Please feel free to share:

Bill Mason Scholarship A $2,000 scholarship is awarded annually to help tomorrow’s environmental stewards with their post-secondary studies in Canada. The Canadian Canoe Foundation with Care Canada allows you to receive a BMMSF tax receipt when using the donate button on the Paddle Canada site. Donate to a worthy cause more...

Canadian Canoe Museum! It's being built as I write this! The new museum and all that it encompasses (including my Dad's red Chestnut Prospector) is going to be fantastic in its new location on the shores of Little Lake in Peterborough. New build in progress more...

Redcanoes Paddlng Blog: Canoeing has taken us to remote wilderness and to places along the way with so many interesting adventures with many twists and turns! There are stories of some epic tales and awesome images of adventurous times we've had and continue to enjoy.


Canoe-ballet paddling music video with unique views from above and below the water's surface. Free MP4 download


Music video: Solo Reflections with paddler Becky Mason, original music by musician Ian Tamblyn.

Free Download!

Hover to find out what we are up to! 

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Canoeing Lessons

Meech Lake is iced over but Becky is looking forward to teaching this spring! Book now and brush up on your tandem or solo skills.

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