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Bill Mason's best selling educational canoeing book is a must have to complete your canoe book collection Bill Mason (1929-1988) was a fine artist. He loved to paint his wilderness surroundings. Bill Mason loved his wooden canoe. He was a noted Canadian artist that loved to travel by canoe in the wilderness and paint what he saw. He canoed the calm water he loved the thrill of running whitewater. The paddling video he is most famous for is an instructional canoeing films called Path of the Paddle. After tripping in the wilderness watching land and water and wildlife he would return to his art studio in Meech lake, Chelsea Quebec in the Gatineau Hills to paint his Canadian landscapes.
Bill Mason (1929 - 1988) Path of the Paddle Book
Path of the Paddle, An Illustrated Guide to the Art of Canoeing by Bill Mason, 1980, Key Porter Books Revised 1996. Updated through Bill Mason Productions by son Paul and daughter Becky both professional canoe instructors. The project was managed by Bill's wife Joyce.

"In unique fashion Bill Mason combines lively text with over 650 photographs and diagrams to present every important aspect of the subject - equipment, basic and advanced techniques, whitewater canoeing, how to read water conditions, how to anticipate problems, safety measures, and much more. Throughout the book he frequently recounts fascinating experiences he has had while canoeing in such diverse and exciting places as Lake Superior and the Nahanni, Dumoine, English and Petawawa rivers."

"Path of the Paddle is the ultimate book for the expert, the novice, the individual or the family canoeist. Written with simplicity and enthusiasm, it captures both the excitement and quiet joy that are offered by the wilderness canoe trip. It is the kind of book that dedicated and would-be canoeists alike will find indispensable and enjoyable."

Path of the Paddle

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