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Painting #0219 Windswept Georgian Bay Island I

Unframed, oil on unknown paper, 4 cm x 9.7 cm, unsigned original by Bill Mason circa 1980


"Being caught unprepared by a approaching storm is not much fun. Pitching the tent and securing both it and the canoe in driving rain can be quite a challenge. On the other hand, with the tent secured snugly behind a windbreak of trees or behind a rock face, the canoe tied down, a supply of firewood stashed under cover and the fireplace ready, an impending storm is a wonderful spectacle." Bill Maon, Canoescapes


SOME WORKS are titled by artist Bill Mason, some are signed, some are not. The paintings have been sized in centimetres, height by width using the optimal framing window. FOR CATALOGUE PURPOSES when lacking a title they have been assigned a title by the family with the area/subject matter that inspired Bill Mason.THE QUOTES for the paintings are taken from Canoescapes which was written by Bill in 1988 and posthumously published in 1995.EACH PAINTING comes with a letter of authenticity from the Mason family.About painting technique read more....

0219 Windswept Georgian Bay Island I


    • Purchasing: Accepted payments are paypal, credit and debit card, or certified cheque.
    • Shipping: After payment when your painting is ready to ship I will send you an email with the tracking # via Canada Post.
    • Shipping location: Becky Mason, Box 1735, Chelsea, Quebec, J9B 1A1 Canada.



PURCHASING & SHIPPING INFO PURCHASING: Accepted payments are paypal, credit card and debit card. SHIPPING: Tracking will be used for one of a kind items. Shipping fees will be charged at checkout. SHIPPING CARRIER: CANADA = Canada Post Airmail or Expedited. USA = Canada Post Small packet Airmail or UPS. INTL = Canada Post Small packet Airmail or UPS. SHIPPED FROM: Canada Post Box 1735, Chelsea, Quebec, J9B 1A1 Canada.

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