DVD disc includes BOTH Basic and Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing and more.


  • Basic Classic Solo Canoeing with Becky Mason is a superbly crafted video that is both informative and beautiful to watch. You'll learn to apply the classic basic solo paddling strokes simply and gracefully, master the art of the portage, and pick up tips on canoe safety, maintenance, and equipment selection. Running time: approx 40 mins © 2000 Awarded Best Instructional film at the Waterwalker Festival.




  • Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing with Becky Mason. With 25 years of instructor experience she takes you for a wild spin in her cedar-canvas canoe on the crystal clear waters of Lac Vert, Quebec with stunning underwater camera angles. The 16 strokes and manoeuvres each have unique tips and stories about them. Running time: approx 40 mins © 2011 Awarded Best Instructional film at the Waterwalker Festival.




  • Music Video - Solo Reflections - Becky teams up with recording artist Ian Tamblyn in musical video.




  • Outtakes - Classic Solo Moments -The bloopers and blunders during the making of Adv Classic Solo Canoeing.


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Basic & Adv. Classic Solo Canoeing DVD

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