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#40 Paddling Pic: Tax Avoidance with a Smile.

#40. Fort Garry Hotel, Winnipeg Manitoba. 2003

This may be a little self indulgent but right now Reid and I are in the middle of doing our taxes and we're desperately in need a smile. With both of us being self-employed and with a many tiny revenue streams trickling in things can get just a little confusing, frustrating and not always fun at this time of year. Throw in a global pandemic and, well.....ok, how about that smile?

So, canoeing has landed us in some pretty interesting and unexpected situations over the years and Reid thought that this picture was quirky enough to get a laugh. As he put it this morning: "how on earth did we end up in bed with Cathy Jones, Anna Baggio and Gillian McEachern at the prestigious Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg? And why was James Raffan taking pictures?"

Well, I would like to reveal all, but sometimes stories should be left untold and instead our imaginations allowed to run free. That is, as long as you keep smiling.

So, anybody want to share a story of a crazy, unexpected place where you landed that makes you smile, all thanks to canoeing?

And for some real laughs check out the latest from Mrs. Enid and Mrs. Eulalia in Cathy and Mary Walsh's show Broad Appeal.

About our Paddling Pics: Last Spring Reid and I posted a canoeing related picture with a story every day for 37 days in an effort to cheer ourselves up and brighten our lives. It seemed to help, so we are doing it again! For the next while Reid and I are posting an occasional picture (with a story) that will brighten our day and hopefully yours too.

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