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#41 Paddling Pic: Nothing Bugs Me!

#41. Rivière Noire, Quebec. 2009

Well, it's only April 6th but I saw my first mosquito today. Yes, it's true. The good news is it didn't bite me. Nope. It bit Reid instead! :-) But seeing one got me thinking of those winged demons that are coming and how to endure them.

Now, there are a few things I like to take with me on every trip - essentials that I wouldn't want to be without. A bug tent is one of those things. Especially in May and June when the bugs can be really annoying. It took us a while to catch on to this great invention. We always just toughed out the bugs, figuring that it was just part of living outdoors. That is until 2005 when we got a Bug Shelter from Eureka and took it on a trip into Wabakimi - and and it quite literally saved our skin! Rain or shine, hot or cold, when the bugs were bad on that trip - and they were - we were in there eating, playing cards, cooking on our stove, reading; all the while listening to the incessant whine of those frustrated blackflies! After that trip we were devoted converts, and although there have been trips where we've never used it, I've never regretted bringing it along, as carrying that little extra weight is far better than wishing you had it with you!

As an aside, some of the worst bugs I have come across (and some of you may agree) would have to be around Nahanni Butte on the South Nahanni River. Sometimes the mosquitoes there are ferocious, ravenous, and unbelievable in their numbers. And what makes it worse is being kept awake by the tormented howling of the dogs from the village.

Thank you bug tent!

So, what's your worst bug story?

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