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FAQ's about canoeing workshops

  1    How do I sign-up for a workshop?


Contact the venue you want to attend. Send that contact an email expressing an interest that you would like to sign-up. Be sure to inquire what the additional venue fees could be.

 2     What are the instructor's paddling accreditation?       

Becky Mason is an accredited Paddle Canada Lake Canoe and Style instructor - trainer Instructor. Reid McLachlan is a  fully accredited Paddle Canada Lake Canoe and Style instructor read on...

 3     Who instructs the workshops?

Classic Canoeing known as Canadian style paddling is taught by Becky Mason and her husband Reid McLachlan.

These two experts make a superb team; they are friendly and skilled accredited Paddle Canada instructors in flat-water and moving-water. Efficient traditional tandem and solo paddling will be the order of the day. Mason and McLachlan's aim is to make your stroke the most efficient it can be. Placement of the blade and timing is key to accomplishing a seamless series of strokes so that all of the momentum of the canoe is utilized .

​Attending ones of Mason's lessons is also an opportunity to pick up some handy instructor tips and some tried and true teaching methods that aid in creating a friendly safe teaching environment for participants.

 4    What does Classic Canoeing workshop offer? 


Learn the BASIC SOLO skills that will enable you to put your canoe exactly where you want it to go. Skills covered: forward and back paddling, pivots, sideslips and controlled stopping.


The aim is to make your SOLO STROKES the most efficient they can be using momentum, tilt and efficient paddle angle and placement. Content covered: A selection of advanced strokes like the Canadian, Indian, Box, Bow Jam & Cut, Circle, Low Brace Turn, Sculling Draw and other strokes upon request.


Learn the BASIC SKILLS of efficient tandem canoeing using MITH and communication. Learn strokes in both bow and stern, try an obstacle course in these on-water and dry-land team building activities.


Apply your essential strokes, sync-up and paddle as a team doing TANDEM MANOEUVRES under power. Learn how to control your canoe with precision using on-water games, drills and Becky's unique "Match It" cards.

Learn the finer points of efficient tandem canoeing skills and manoeuvres. Ferries, eddy turns, airplane turns and surfing improvement  in no time!


 5     What is the class ratio?


The class size is usually up to a maximum of three students for my solo classes (If Reid is with me it's a maximum of eight for solo and maximum of 16 for tandem for flat-water sessions) but it depends on the venue. Each stroke is demonstrated and then the class splits into two groups with an instructor for each group. After each stroke is discussed and accomplished the group comes together to see a demonstrate of a new skill. This system works well because instructors rotate between the groups with each new stroke.

 6    What happens if my skills are too low or high for the scheduled workshop?


I tailor my courses into two focus groups. The Basic is taught a bit slower and the Advanced is taught with a faster learning curve in mind. Depending on the overall skill level of the group that will dictate how many strokes are covered within the learning environment. No matter what your level participants will take home a more efficient stroke from someone who has never stepped in a canoe to expert canoe instructors.

     What equipment should I bring to my class?


Check with your venue to see what is provided. You will need a canoe, paddle, PFD (life vest) and any other safety gear required where you paddle. Ideally your canoe should have a bit of rocker so the ends will rise out of the water when heeled over to the side. But really you are welcome to bring your favorite canoe of any design to my class and we'll work with it. I like Ottertail paddles (narrow blade) but you are welcome to bring any sort of design but it would be good to bring a straight shaft if you have it. For some  more thoughts on canoes and paddles read on....

 8     Is there any homework I can do before the workshop?


You might want to consider downloading my Introductory or Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing instructional videos so you get more out of my classes.

 9    Is this going to hurt?


Participants that show up for a class that can't bend a knee or have a bad shoulder or creaky back. We work out the best paddling position for you because paddling isn't fun if you're not comfortable!


 10   Could a workshop be cancelled?


An extreme weather event or an unforeseen travel problem may result in the cancellation of the course. If the course is cancelled you'll have to check with the venue for a refund.


 11    Do I get a Classic Canoeing badge of accreditation?       


"Badges! We don't need no stinkin' badges!". Or, what I mean to say is, sorry I will not be handing out accreditation due to the short duration of the courses. The venue may have a certificate of participation to hand out.


 11    What is the price?


I usually teach 1 1/2 to 2 hour blocks of time when we are at various venues but I also offer other styles of instruction. You will need to check with the venue for the price, format and duration of the courses.





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