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Becky Mason teaching canoeing

Attending one of Becky Mason's workshops and/or coming out to hear her speak about one of her many favourite rivers and lakes travels is a good way to introduce yourself how to  enjoy the outdoors and paddle sports.

Becky Mason paddling
Becky Mason portanging
Becky Mason portrait


​Classic Canoeing travelling workshops offer hands-on canoeing instruction teaching flat and moving water in solo or/and tandem in a relaxed and friendly style. Becky has presented them to canoe clubs and paddling symposia groups in North America, Europe and the UK. Classic Canoeing solo and tandem lessons follow a successful template to fit a groups focus and skill levels when on tour. Becky offers lessons on tour, workshops and presentations. Workshops FAQ's read on...


Slideshow Presentations

While on tour it is suggested you also book Becky and Reid to do a slideshow talk too. They do a magnificent job of entertaining a crowd with Becky's stories along with Reid exquisite images.They will take you down rivers they have travelled some in their backyard flowing past the white pine and mixed forest of the Ottawa Valley. Also others like the iconic Bloodvein River in the boreal splendor of Ontario's Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. No matter the subject matter Becky and Reid share the beauty of their favourite rivers and the meanings and memories they carry for them. Their talks usually finish up with a movie from her collection to fill out a wonderful approx 2 hour evening.


Booking Information:

When booking Becky and Reid to present a slide shows, canoeing demonstrations and/or conduct canoeing workshops. Please list your time-frame, location and approx budget of your event preparation time and travel expenses will be taken into consideration for your quote.

Becky Mason acquired her paddling skills and her fondness for canoes from her father, Bill Mason, the author and film maker of the Path of the Paddle series. She continues the family tradition of sharing her passion for paddling through her canoeing courses, art, public speaking, writing and film making.  Becky lives in Chelsea, Quebec with her husband Reid McLachlan. Read more...

Reid McLachlan grew up in a canoe exploring Algonquin Park with his family and its surroundings. These early excursions whetted Reid's appetite for future paddling adventures and instilled in him a love and respect for what he considers to be the perfect vehicle…the canoe. Both Becky and Reid are fully accredited Paddle Canada flatwater instructors and trainers. Along with being in a canoe most of the time Reid and Becky are also professional visual artists Reid's art works in oils and Becky's art works in acrylics and watercolours.

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