#20 Paddling Pic: Mr. and Ms. September

#20. Gatineau River, Quebec. 2019. Photo: Franziska Heinze

Posing nude for a calendar would have to be the number one thing that I could have never imagined myself doing. But if it was going to happen it would have to be in a canoe! It took some convincing, but Reid and I are now Mr. and Ms. September in this year's Nudes of Wakefield Calendar. Thanks to the amazing Franziska Heinze it turned out to be a fun, hilarious rocking good time and I think the checker-board pattern that was branded on Reid's butt from the cane seat has finally faded. The immensely popular calendar is in its 10th year and is a fund-raiser for local charities. So, Mr. and Ms. September want to know...have you ever paddled naked? Pictures optional.😁