#21 Paddling Pic: Canoe Guides

#21. Rideau Hall, Ottawa Ontario.

Over the years I have come to appreciate that canoeing is not just about canoeing. What do I mean by that? Well, there are 4 people in this photo that are guiding lights who have shown me the big picture.

Grandfather William Commanda, a master canoe-builder was a crucial voice for indigenous teachings and spiritual beliefs. His message of peace for all humanity and love and respect for Mother Nature bridged all cultures and peoples' and continues to inspire me.

Kirk Wipper, an irrepressible, charismatic and passionate champion of the canoe. It is his collection that forms the backbone of the incomparable national treasure, the Canadian Canoe Museum.

Next would be James Raffan, a thinker and explorer who finds unexpected ways to interpret the cultural aspects of the canoe. This brilliant and mischievous guy is someone I would want on any canoe trip.