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#23 Paddling Pic: Pictograph Powers

#23. Montgomery Lake, Quetico Provincial Park, Ontario. 2006

It should be obvious to many that Reid chose today's pic and we are going to have to be delicate with this one. Our destination on this bright September day was Shelley Lake but when we arrived there was a prescribed burn happening and a brisk breeze that was causing a lot of smoke, so we pushed on. It was late in the day when we paddled into Montgomery Lake. It was gorgeous, even magical, and there was a real feeling of peace and harmony to the place. We had the lake to ourselves and choose a beautiful, lofty island campsite where that feeling of sublime tranquility persisted. We had dinner as the sun set and then a wee night-cap as we continued to revel in that rare feeling of perfection...we may have even got a little frisky that evening.🤗 It wasn't until we were loading our canoe the next morning that we saw this pictograph on the rock face below our site and had a good laugh. We don't know anything about this particular piece of rock art, but whether it is authentic or not we have to smile thinking of others who have loved and laughed here long before us.

About Today's Paddling Pic: These last few days and weeks I've found myself looking back on some wonderful memories and images of where canoeing has taken me, and it's made me smile. I feel so fortunate and grateful for these places, people and experiences, and it's kind of nice to reminisce. And in doing so I can't help but to also look forward to a time when we can all paddle safely again! So for the next while Reid and I are posting a picture a day (with a story) that will brighten our day and hopefully yours too. I invite you to share your stories in the comment section.

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