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#28 Paddling Pic: Down Under

#28. Lac Vert, Quebec. 2011

The biggest revelation for me when I made my second canoeing movie was the underwater footage. We were using a first generation GoPro and the night before the shoot we discovered that we had to somehow modify the waterproof housing so we could get a clear image below the surface. Using what he could find in the basement Reid made a flat clear waterproof lens. It was a total shot in the dark. The next day, back on location, we had no idea if it would work. We didn't even have a viewfinder so couldn't see what we were shooting or what was in the frame.

But when we down-loaded our raw footage I was blown away. It was completely mesmerizing, we even had fish!

I had no idea that this point of view would be so compelling, so unique, so captivating. And it was all by the seat of our pants and blind luck. It rarely happens but sometimes everything just comes together and you get lucky. These days underwater pics are more common but you know what? I never get tired of them. So what have you seen under the water?!

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