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#35 Paddling Pic: We Get InTents

#35. Lac Poisson Blanc, Québec. 2018.

With only 3 pics to go I realized that we hadn't talked tents yet. My Dad would be bouncing up and down with impatience to learn that it took us 35 posts to get to this very important topic! And of course when it came to Bill Mason and tents there was only one.

I have spent a lot of time in Baker tents, in fact our family didn't have any other kind. But you see, I've got this thing about the Baker. Yes I love it, even adore it, for all the same reasons that my Dad chronicled in Song of the Paddle. Except that is until I have to pack it up and carry it. The one we have is so big and heavy when compared to our Eureka Canada El Cap that it is hard to imagine bringing it on longer trips when we have to portage a lot. But every year we will haul it out and take it on some shorter jaunts, especially during the shoulder seasons. October is such a beautiful, almost perfect time to paddle. But the thing is that the days get so much shorter and the nights so much colder, and this means we end up spending a lot more time snuggled in our tent.

Enter the Baker. It's spacious. It's versatile. We can build a fire in front of it to keep us cozy. Scrabble, books, cribbage are all enjoyed while basking in the reflected heat. And there is nothing more awe-inspiring than stepping out into the crisp cold night air to stare at the stars and ponder the infinite universe before scurrying back inside. But watch out for the intricate maze of ankle-grabbing, hat-removing guy-wires as you head back in!

Like his Prospector canoe I think my Dad loved the versatility of his tent. Opened wide for the view and the breeze in the summer, or closed up tight and snug for those frosty nights, even in winter his tent did it all. All the while allowing him to see and absorb and feel the land. He wanted everyone to have this experience and that is why he wrote about it so much. And really, who could argue with that?

I think that everybody probably has a favourite tent, what's yours?

This is the last week for our daily Paddling Pic. Reid and I have enjoyed sharing our images and stories and hope you like our final few. Maybe it will inspire you to share your own paddling tales!

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