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#36 Paddling Pic: Share the Love

#36. Near Frontenac Provincial Park, Ontario. 2015.

It's surprising and heartening to hear that so many of you have been enjoying our Paddling Pics. We started it as a way to raise our own spirits by looking back on all of the wonderful adventures we have had, things we have learned and places we have been all because of the canoe. There was never a big plan, or a course plotted out on a map. We were just winging it! Which makes it really hard to wrap things up. We have so many ideas, pictures, and issues still queued up that we realize we may have to do an occasional Paddling Pic in the future to satisfy our itch. Til then our penultimate pic has us thinking about creativity.

The natural environment, be it deep in the bush or in an urban park, can be a calming and enlightening space. And if you stop and listen you may hear the trees, and the rocks, and the animals. "Be still" they say. The wind in the trees whispers "stop, look, listen." Being in these places, these quiet sanctuaries, is inspirational. I like to absorb it all through all of my senses and then store these experiences, to be drawn upon later. Reid will see things in unique and unusual ways, sometimes capturing them on camera. But creativity, be it in paint, pictures, words or just thoughts is a powerful way to experience and learn from the land. To feel Nature's natural rhythms and ponder her mysterious ways can be sublime. And to share these experiences is an essential part of the human condition. Perhaps that is the reason we have our Paddling Pic of the Day. Please share your love for the wilderness any way you can.

This is the last week for our daily Paddling Pic. Reid and I have enjoyed sharing our images and stories and hope you like our final few. Maybe it will inspire you to share your own paddling tales!

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