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#3 Paddling Pic: Paddling Princess!

#3 Château de Chenonceau, Rivière Cher, Loire Valley, France.

As a kid I may have occasionally pretended to be a little princess but never, ever did I dream of paddling up to a 16C castle and then doing a paddling demonstration in the moat! It was a surreal, unforgettable and wonderful experience.

So, where's the most unexpected or elegant place you have found yourself in a canoe?

About Today's Paddling Pic:

These last few days and weeks I've found myself looking back on some wonderful memories and images of where canoeing has taken me, and it's made me smile. I feel so fortunate and grateful for these places, people and experiences, and it's kind of nice to reminisce. And in doing so I can't help but to also look forward to a time when we can all paddle safely again! So for the next while Reid and I are posting a picture a day (with a story) that will brighten our day and hopefully yours too. I invite you to share your stories in the comment section.

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