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#2 Paddling Pic: Wildlife Encounters

#2. Bazin River, Quebec, 2012.

A bear stealing our barrel, moose false-charging, otters in our boat, wolves stalking a deer through our campsite, seals and pilot whales underneath our canoe; we have had so many beautiful wildlife encounters over the years but seeing this lynx was one of our most memorable (and Reid got nice pics!). So, what is your favourite wildlife encounter while canoeing?

About Today's Paddling Pic:

These last few days and weeks I've found myself looking back on some wonderful memories and images of where canoeing has taken me, and it's made me smile. I feel so fortunate and grateful for these places, people and experiences, and it's kind of nice to reminisce. And in doing so I can't help but to also look forward to a time when we can all paddle safely again! So for the next while Reid and I are posting a picture a day (with a story) that will brighten our day and hopefully yours too. I invite you to share your stories in the comment section.

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